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Gravitational Waves

The general theory of relativity can be conceived only as a field theory.
It could not have
[been] developed if one had held on to the view   Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro 
1853-1925  Albert Einstein 
that the real world consists of material points which move 
 under the influence of forces acting between them.

Albert Einstein,  in his last scientific paper (December 1954).
 LIGO, in Hanford
LIGO facility in Hanford, WA

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Production  (and homework solutions)  by  Mihai Bondarescu  &  Yanbei Chen.

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Relativistic Gravity  &  Gravitational Waves

(2016-02-21)   Quadrupole Moment in a Mass Distribution
Changing quadrupole moments generate G-waves  (Einstein, June 1916).

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Electrodynamic dipoles   |   Electrostatic multipoles   |   Simple gravitational waves

(2016-02-21)   On the energy radiated away by gravitational waves.
First experimental proof of the existence of gravitational waves  (1974).

The key experimental discovery was made in 1974 by  Joseph Taylor  and his graduate student  Russell Hulse  (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)  using the 300-m radiotelescope at Arecibo  (Puerto Rico).  They shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in physics for that.

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1993 Nobel Prize in Physics   |   Russell A. Hulse (1950-)   |   Joseph H. Taylor, Jr. (1941-)

(2016-02-20)   PDH Technique   (1983)
Optical stabilization of the frequency of  laser  light.

 Robert Pound
Robert Vivian Pound
 Ron Drever
Ron Drever
b. 1931
 John Lewis Hall
Jan Hall
b. 1934

The interferometric detection of gravitational waves wouldn't have been possible without this.

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PDH Technique   |   Robert Pound (1919-2010)   |   Ronald Drever (b. 1931)   |   Jan Hall (b. 1934, Nobel 2005)

(2016-02-20)   LIGO
Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

LIGO has become the largest and most ambitious project ever funded by the National Science Foundation  (NSF).  It was originally founded in 1992 by:

On February 11, 2016, LIGO made public its first detection of gravitational waves  (dubbed GW150914)  which had occurred on 14 September 2015  at 09:50:45.39 UTC  (i.e., GPS time 1126259462.39).  That was less than two days after the upgrade to Advanced LIGO detectors.

The first person to notice the event was  Marco Drago,  a 32-year-old Italian postdoc who happened to be viewing the LIGO data remotely on his computer at the  Albert Einstein Institute,  in Hannover, Germany, shortly before  11:00, Central European Time.  In the first few minutes, Marco didn't even know how to alert the rest of the LIGO organization.

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Subsequently, LIGO revealed two other observations of black-hole mergers:  A candidate event on 2015-10-12 and a confirmed event on 2015-12-26.

LIGO   |   NSF

(2017-10-03)   2017  Nobel Prize in Physics   [ Citation ]
Rainer Weiss (½)  Barry C. Barish (¼),  Kip S. Thorne (¼).

Caltech Press Conference  Thorne & Barish  (2017-10-03).
Telephone interview by Adam Smith  Rainer Weiss  (2017-10-03).
MIT Press Conference  Rainer Weiss  (2017-10-03).

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