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Many people share their knowledge on the Internet, but the outstanding contributions of a few dedicated scientists belong in this "Hall of Fame" (in alphabetical order).  [ Nominate ]

Suzanne Alejandre
John C. Baez
Alexander Bogomolny
Kevin S. Brown
Chris K. Caldwell
Peter J. Cameron
David W. Cantrell
Umberto Cerruti
Jim Clark
Dianna Cowern
Karl Dahlke
David Darling
Glenn Elert
David Eppstein
Hank Green
CGP Grey
James Grime
Chris Hillman
Brady Haran
Vi Hart
Colin Hughes
K. Houston-Edwards
Sal Khan
Robert L. Kuhn
Ron Kurtus
Cynthia Lanius
Walter Lewin
Don Lincoln
Brian McManus
Jeff Miller
Derek Muller
Robert Munafo
Rod Nave
John J. O'Connor
Sten Odenwald
Matt O'Dowd
Matt Parker
Ed Pegg Jr.
Dan Piponi
Simon Plouffe
Burkard Polster
Henry Reich
Edmund Robertson
Russ Rowlett
Dave Rusin
Grant Sanderson
Destin Sandlin
Christoph Schiller
Alom Shaha
Neil Sloane
Michael Stevens
Leonard Susskind
Jade Tan-Holmes
Terence Tao
Vitalii Vanovschi
Mike de Villiers
Eric Weisstein
Robin Whitty
Ned Wright

 Suzanne Alejandre Suzanne Alejandre, math teacher

Suzanne Alejandre  is  Educational Resource & Service Developer  at  The Math Forum @ Drexel.  She has been providing online lesson plans conforming to the  NCTM Standards  (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).

Suzanne's Mathematics Lessons   |   Ask Dr. Math   |   The Math Forum @ Drexel

 John Carlos Baez 
 (b. 1961) before 2002John Baez, mathematical physicist (b.1961)

Professor at UC Riverside, interested in Category theory.  The folk singer Joan Baez (b.1941-01-09) is his cousin.  John C. Baez was a one-man army who answered many physics questions on sci.physics.research.  The  aperiodic column  he started in 1993 would inspire the  blog  format.

This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics  |  nLab  |  Stuff & Fun Stuff  |  n-category Café  |  Azimuth  |  24  |  WP

 Alexander Bogomolny Alexander Bogomolny, software developer

Former Associate Prof. of Mathematics, University of Iowa.  Until May 2004, Alexander Bogomolny had a monthly column on the site of the  Mathematical Association of America.

Cut The Knot   |   Other Math Sites   |   PhD (1981)

 Kevin Brown Dr. Kevin S. Brown  (Kent, WA)

Kevin Brown  signs his name only once in his  MathPages  website  (which doesn't have  any  external links).  Before 1999, he was discussing Relativity and other mathematical topics on USENET.  He's related to Fred Olden, not Anatoly.   |   Reflections on Relativity   |   Kevin Brown's Storefront

 Chris Caldwell Chris K. Caldwell, number theorist (b. 1956)

Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, at UT Martin.

home   |   The Prime Pages   |   The Prime Glossary   |   PhD (1984)

 Peter Jephson Cameron Peter J. Cameron,  mathematician  (b. 1947)

Born in Australia.  Emeritus professor of mathematics at Queen Mary, University of London  (QMUL).  Currently (2014) Prof. Cameron is also working part-time as professor of mathematics at the  University of Saint-Andrews, Scotland  (School of Mathematics & Statistics).

Home   |   Blog   |   Babai-Cameron theorem   |   Video (2013)   |   Theorem of the Day   |   Wikipedia

 David W. Cantrell David W. Cantrell, mathematician (b. 1949)

Known for his presence on mathematical newsgroups, where he answers popular questions and offers original contributions,  David Cantrell also contributes to MathWorld, Numericana, etc.

Ignorance is bliss...   |   Recent Posts   |   FaceBook

 Umberto Cerruti Umberto Cerruti, algebraist (b. 1948)

Department of Mathematics, University of Torino (Italy).

Math News

 Jim Clark Jim Clark, chemistry teacher (b. 1944)

A Cambridge graduate who spent over 30 years teaching A-level chemistry  (to 16-18 year old students).  In 1997, he retired from Truro School (Cornwall) to concentrate on writing and promoting a true  understanding of chemistry.

about   |   Amazon page   |   Chemguide online

 Dianna Cowern Dianna Cowern,  physicist   (b. 1989)

She created the  Physics Girl  channel in 2011.  Dianna Cowern has enrolled a team of half-a-dozen part-time people, including writers  Sophia Chen  and  Jade Tan-Holmes  who went on to create her own successful channel in 2016.  (Science Magazine, 2017-03-16.)

Physics Girl   |   about   |   bio   |   UCSD   |   Everipedia   |   Google talk   |   Instagram   |   Facebook   |   Twitter

 Karl Dahlke Karl Dahlke, blind scientist (b. 1960)

Dahlke has been  totally blind  since age 10.  He once managed to write a speech synthesizer on his Apple II using the bell as sole feedback.  His text-based mathematical site is so good that it can be  extremely  useful to sighted people.

home   |   edbrowse  (Editor Browser for the blind )   |   e-book   |

 David Darling David Darling, science writer (b. 1953)

David Darling  earned his Ph.D. in Astronomy from Manchester in 1977 under Zdenek Kopal and worked for Cray Research...  A full-time writer since 1982, Darling has lived in both the US and the UK.  He has been running his websites since 1999.

The Worlds of David Darling  |  Encyclopedia of Science  |  Sustainable Living  |  Children's Encyclopedia

 Glenn Anthony Elert Glenn A. Elert,  physics teacher   (b. 1964)

Glenn Elert teaches at Midwood High School at Brooklyn College (NY).  He acts as the editor of the  Physics Factbook,  a large collection of essays written by high-school students as an exercise in  library research  methods (in a scientific context).

home   |   Hypertextbook + new   |   Physics Factbook   |   Get Bent   |   Twitter

 David Eppstein David A. Eppstein,  computer scientist   (b. 1963)

Professor in the School of Information and Computer Science, at UC Irvine.

The Geometry Junkyard   |   Ph.D. 1989   |   home   |   blog   |   Google+   |   Wikipedia

 Hank Green Hank Green   (b. 1980)

Hank started the  VlogBrothers  channel in 2007 with his brother  John  (b. 1977).  Hank's portfolio grew to includes  SciShow, SciShow Kids, SciShow Space, SciShow Psych ...  He also hosts  PBS Eons  (PBS Digital Studios, 2017-06-22)  with  Kallie Moore  and  Blake de Pastino.

home   |   Crash Course (since 2011)   |   Internet Creators Guild   |   Wikipedia   |   Twitter

 CGP Grey CGP Grey   (b. 1980)

Colin Gregory Palmer Grey.  Podcasts:  Hello, Internet (HI) with Brady Haran  and  Cortex  with  Myke Hurley.

home  |  Reddit / 2  |  Patreon  |  500k  |  1M  |  2M  |  Wikipedia  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

 James Grime James Grime   (b. 1980)

Born and raised in Nottingham.  Msci from Lancaster  and  Ph.D. from York  (2007, under Maxim Nazarov).  Now a public speaker based at  Cambridge's  Institute of Continuing Education, he is best known as a regular on Brady Haran's  Numberphile.  Grime also runs the SingingBanana channel.

home  |  about  |  Juggling  |  Maths Gear  |  Millenium Maths Project (Enigma)  |  Interview  |  Reddit  |  G+  |  FB

 University of Nottingham

 Brady Haran Brady Haran, Australian video journalist

Brady  started the  Periodic Table of Videos (PTOV) in 2008 as an unscripted series of interviews with  Martyn Poliakoff.  This grew into several series about Science  (more recently, religion and philosophy)  featuring an endearing bunch of faculty members at the University of Nottingham.

home  |  blog  |  Periodic Table of Videos  |  Sixty Symbols  |  Test Tube  |  Backstage Science  |  My Favourite Scientist

 Vi Hart Vi Hart,  mathemusician   (b. 1988)

Victoria Hart  is the talented child of  MoMath  co-founder George W. Hart (b. 1955)  himself  noted for his  "Virtual Polyhedra"  page  (online encyclopedia of polyhedra, 1996).  Vi Hart  achieved viral fame with  stop-motion animations  on math themes.  She once called herself  gender agnostic.

home  |  about  |  YouTube  |  Channel 2  |  Viméo  |  Khan Academy (2012)  |  My niece, Vi Hart  |  Wikipedia  |  Twitter

 Chris Hillman Chris Hillman, general relativist

Chris started RelWWW as a graduate student at UW in 1992.  He left his pages in the care of John Baez before returning in March 2007, disappointed by his Wikipedia experience.  Sadly, Hillman lost faith again in June 2007 but remains active online.

Relativity on the World Wide Web ("RelWWW" closed down in June 2007)   |   Ersatz, S. Carroll, etc.

 Kelsey Houston-Edwards Kelsey Houston-Edwards,  mathematician

A native of San Diego, she's currently a Ph.D. Student at Cornell (BA 2013, MS 2016).  In September 2016,  Kelsey  created the YouTube channel  PBS Infinite Series,  hosting it until Nov. 2017  (it closed in  May 2018).  She was named  AMS-AAAS Mass-Media Fellow  at NOVA Next in 2016.

PBS Infinite Series  (farewell)   |   Hum 110 @ Reed College (Portland, OR)   |   AMS Blogs   |   AAS   |   Twitter

 Colin Hughes Colin Hughes, British Teacher

In October 2001,  Colin Hughes  started  Project Euler  (as a section of  where readers are posed mathematical questions which can be answered by designing a computer program that can run in "less than a minute".

Project Euler   |   |   Wikipedia (Project Euler)   |   Programming

 Sal Khan Sal Khan   (b. 1976)

Salman Khan 

Khan Academy   |   Wikipedia

 Robert Lawrence Kuhn Robert Lawrence Kuhn   (b. 1944)

Robert Kuhn  holds a BS in biology  (Johns Hopkins, 1964)  a doctorate in  brain research  (UCLA, 1968)  and a mid-career MBA  (MIT Sloan, 1980).  Kuhn is a financial advisor and political commentator with ties to  China.  He has hosted and produced the PBS series  Closer to Truth  since 2000.

YouTube   |   Closer to Truth   |   Wikipedia

 Ron Kurtus Ron Kurtus, engineer (b. 1940)

Ron Kurtus is an engineer who spent a few years in the entertainment industry before returning to electro-optical engineering.  He has established a strong online presence focusing on Science education, mostly at the high-school level.

home   |   School for Champions (SfC)   |   SfC Publishing

 Cynthia Lanius Cynthia Lanius, teacher & activist

Cynthia Lanius is vocal about the underrepresentation of women in mathematics and computing.  She is Associate director for  The Math Forum @ Drexel, but continues to maintain her own k-12 math site, hosted at Rice University.

Fun Mathematics Lessons (K-12)   |   Ask Dr. Math   |   The Math Forum @ Drexel

 Walter H.G. Lewin Walter Lewin, professor of physics  (b. 1936)

Walter Lewin is an astrophysicist and a teacher with a flair for showmanship.  His legendary undergraduate lectures at MIT were broadcasted by UWTV (Seattle) and were online in video form, through MIT's OpenCourseWare.  In March 2017,  Quora  blocked / unblocked him.  So, he left.

(New) YouTube Channel   |   home   |   8.01   |   8.02   |   8.03   |   NY Times   |   Last lecture   |   2015

 Dr. Don Lincoln Dr. Don Lincoln,  particle physicist  (b. 1964)

Don  got his Ph.D. from  Rice  in 1994.  He helped discover the  top quark  at  Fermilab  in 1995 and the  Higgs Boson  at the  LHC  in 2012.  He is a noted popularizer of high-energy physics.  Since 2011Don  has been producing and hosting great outreach videos for Fermilab  (see some samples).

home   |   CV   |   Fermilab channel   |   EPS HEPP Outreach Prize (2013)   |   Notre Dame   |   Twitter   |   Wikipedia

 Brian James McManus Brian J. McManus,  Irish engineer  (c. 1988-)

He holds a BS in biomedical engineering from  NUI Galway (2011) and an MS in aeronautical engineering from  Limerick (2013).  In 2016,  inspired by Destin Sandlin,  Brian started producing videos full-time about engineering topics.  He founded Junto Media in 2017  (1-4 employees).

Personal   |   Real Engineering (2016-) + Patreon + FB   |   Showmakers (2017)   |   LinkedIn   |   Twitter   |   Instagram

 Jeff Miller Jeff Miller, educator

A teacher at Gulf High School in  New Port Richey  (Florida)  Jeff Miller maintains an authoritative page about the "Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics".

home   |   Words of Mathematics   |   Mathematical Symbols   |   Stamps   |   other pages

 Derek Muller Derek Muller,  physics educator   (b. 1982)

Muller created 3 YouTube channels:  Veritasium (Jan. 2011),  2veritasium (Jul. 2012),  and Sciencium (Feb. 2017).  Muller holds a Ph.D. in science education.  He is concerned with the way misconceptions arise and are communicated,  in physics and elsewhere:  E.g.,  Illusion of TruthPost-Truth.

Veritasium   |   home   |   bio   |   Interview   |   Graphene   |   Wikipedia   |   Facebook   |   LinkedIn   |   Twitter   |   [2015]

 Robert Munafo Robert Munafo, programmer (b. 1964)

An amateur mathematician whose interests include integer sequences, large numbers and fractals  (especially the Mandelbrot setMunafo  maintains an authoritative site on trivia about specific numbers.  He has contributed to Sloane's OEIS.

home  |  OEIS wiki  |  MCS  |  RIES  |  Numbers  |  Large Numbers  |  Mandelbrot set  |  Gray-Scott model

 Carl R. Nave 
 (Rod Nave at the blackboard) Carl R. "Rod" Nave, professor of physics

Department of Physics & Astronomy, Georgia State University.  The quaint style of HyperPhysics comes from the  HyperCard ® system (Apple Computer) for which it was originally designed.

HyperPhysics   [ without index frame ]   |   HyperMath

 J.J. O'Connor John J. O'Connor  (b. 1945)

J.J. O'Connor is one of the two editors (with E.F. Robertson) of the authoritative  MacTutor History of Mathematics  archive, which is the most popular  online  part of the  Mathematical MacTutor  "stack"  (running on Apple's HyperCard  system).

home   |   MacTutor History of Mathematics   |   Wikipedia

 Sten Odenwald Sten F. Odenwald, astronomer (b. 1952)

Born in Karlskoga, Sweden,  Sten Odenwald  received his Ph.D. in astronomy from Harvard in 1982.  Author of several books,  he is currently affiliated with NASA's GSFC and the Catholic University of America.  Diagnosed with cancer in 2008,  he is now in  remission and optimistic!

blog / bio  |  Space Math @ NASA  |  IMAGE  |  Hinode  |  Ask the Astronomer  |  The Astronomy Café

 Matt O'Dowd Matt O'Dowd,  astrophysicist   (b. 1973)

Matt O'Dowd  was a  Lehman College astrophysics professor  when he was recruited as host for the very popular PBS Web Series  Space Time  in  August 2015  to replace  Gabe Perez-Giz (who moved to the NSF in Washington).  Graeme Gossel  writes scripts for that channel.

PBS Space Time (YouTube)   |   CV   |   Twitter

 Matt Parker Matt Parker,  mathematics communicator

Parker is a former teacher of high-school mathematics from Australia.  Since 2014,  he has been married to science communicator Lucie Green.

home   |   standupmaths   |   Matt Parker   |   Interview   |   Royal Institution   |   Wikipedia

 Ed Pegg Jr. Ed Pegg, Jr.,  Math recreationist (b. 1963)

As a mathematician with a strong interest in recreational mathematics,  Ed Pegg Jr.  may well be the  heir apparent  to  Martin Gardner  1914-2010)  in the Internet era.  He helped Stephen Wolfram with NKS and joined MathWorld in 2004.

Ed Pegg Jr.'s Math Games (MAA Column)   |   |   Wikipedia

 Dan Piponi Dan Piponi, computer graphics guru (b. 1966)

Thinker, tinkerer and  Academy Award  winner...  Signing  sigfpe,  Dan Piponi maintains a blog entitled  A Neighborhood of Infinity  (great name!)  which features some superb essays about quantum physics and other mathematical topics.

sigfpe   |   A Neighborhood of Infinity (blog)   |   Google Science Fair (2012-12-19)

 Simon Plouffe Simon Plouffe, numerologist (b. 1956)

He collaborated to Sloane's Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. Plouffe is best known for his  Inverter,  which looks for symbolic expressions of decimal numbers  (that allowed  me  to identify the  transfinite sum of the harmonic series  as  Log 2p  in a matter of seconds,  on  2018-07-12).

home   |   Plouffe's Inverter

 Burkard Polster Burkard Polster, mathematician  (b. 1965)

He started his  Mathologer  videos in 2015,  with the help of  Giuseppe Gerachitano.  He has authored  many books,  some with fellow mathematician  Marty Ross  (author of the blog  Bad  Since 2004,  the pair has maintained a joint website,  entitled  Maths Masters.

home   |   Ph.D. 1993   |   Mathologer (YouTube Channel)   |   Wiki   |   Juggling   |   Monash University


 Henry Reich Henry Reich,  physicist   (b. 1988)

Creator of the  MinutePhysics  videos  (June 2011).  Reich  illustrates with stick figures pithy comments which are scientifically accurate.  Holding an MS in Physics  (his thesis is on GR)  he became a  digital artist in residence at the  Perimeter Institute.

MinutePhysics (FB)  |  Henry's List  |  Anniversary  |  Making of... by Brady Haran  |  Minute Earth  |  Google+

 Edmund Robertson Edmund F. Robertson  (b. 1943)

Edmund Robertson is one of the two editors (with John O'Connor) of the authoritative  MacTutor History of Mathematics  archive.  He is a  Professor emeritus  of pure mathematics at the University of St Andrews.

home   |   CV   |   stats   |   MacTutor History of Mathematics   |   Wikipedia

 Russell Rowlett Russell J. Rowlett, metrologist  (b. 1944)

He was director of the  Center for Mathematics and Science Education of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  (which was closed due to budget cuts, on 2010-06-30).  Rowlett  advocates his own system for naming large numbers by combining metric and Greek  (chemical)  prefixes.

home   |   genealogy   |   Lighthouse directory   |   A Dictionary of Units of Measurement

 Dave Rusin David J. Rusin   (b. 1957)

A former associate professor of mathematics at NIU (1986-2010)  he's moved to the University of TexasDave Rusin  launched a website in 1996 to share mathematical tidbits he had collected since 1990,  using the  Mathematics Subject Classification  (MSC).

home   |   bio   |   personal   |   The Mathematical Atlas   |   Index (MSC)


 Grant Sanderson 
 2013-10-02 11:35 am Grant Sanderson

Graduated from Stanford in 2015.  Q&A, 2018 (10:20).

3Blue1Brown  |  about  |  manim  |  Patreon  |  YouTube  |  Reddit  |  Twitter  |  Education Innovation (2012)

 Destin Sandlin Destin Sandlin,  engineer   (b. 1981)

Having posted educational videos since 2007,  he launched  Smarter Every Day  on 2011-04-24  (retroactively including his first million-view video, posted on 2008-06-15).

SmarterEveryDay   |   Channel 2   |   Skepticon 8   |   Huffington Post   |   Twitter (personal)   |   Wikipedia

 Christoph Schiller Christoph Schiller  (b. 1960)

Christoph Schiller is a citizen of the world who was raised in Italy, studied physics in Germany and obtained a Belgian Ph.D. in physics.  He has made available for free download (pdf) a nicely crafted physics textbook of about 1500 pages.

home   |   Motion Mountain

 Alom Shaha Alom Shaha,  filmmaker

Born in Bangladesh, raised in London, UK  (where he works).  Alom Shaha  is a physics teacher, film-maker, science writer and TV producer.  His approach to science communication was rewarded by a fellowship of the  National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts.

home   |   article   |   Labreporter   |   The Young Atheist's Handbook   |   Recipes for Wonder

 Neil James
 Alexander Sloane Neil J.A. Sloane,   AMS  Fellow   (b. 1939)

Neil James Alexander Sloane  created a huge  encyclopedia  (  of noteworthy integer sequences.  Each sequence is uniquely identified by a  6-digit  A-number  (e.g., A000055)  known far and wide as a  Sloane number.

home  |  stats  |  On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences  |  Last page of 100K E-Party  |  WP  |  Sloane's Gap

 Michael Stevens Michael Stevens  (b. 1986)

What matters more?  Being right or fitting in?
Stevens launched the  VSauce  YouTube channel on June 24, 2010.  It has now more than 12 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views.  Four successful spinoffs are hosted by Stevens himself,  Kevin Lieber  or  Jake Roper.

bio   |   VSauce   |   Vbio by Dale Winslow   |   TED   |   Why ask?   |   Reddit   |   Twitter   |   Facebook   |   Wikipedia

 Leonard Susskind Leonard Susskind,  top physicist  (b. 1940)

One of the founders of  string theory  (he coined the term  worldsheet).  Professor of theoretical physics at Stanford since 1979.  His ongoing series of videos on  Modern Physics  (Stanford Continuing Studies)  have been available online since 2008.

blog   |   stats   |   LearnOutLoud   |   Wikipedia

 Jade Tan-Holmes Jade Tan-Holmes,  Australian physicist  (b. 1992)

She says 3 years of applied physics (BS) taught her she was terrible at experiments.  She got interested in making physics and math videos on YouTube and started out as a writer for  Physics Girl (2012)  where she played herself once  (2018).  Jade launched her own channel  Up and Atom  in April 2016.

Up and Atom   |   Personal channel   |   IMDb   |   FB   |   Instagram   |   LinkedIn   |   Twitter (Apr. 30)

 Fields Medal  Terry Tao Terence Tao,  mathematician   (b. 1975)

Born in Australia,  Terence Chi-Shen Tao  is a professor of mathematics at UCLA  (he was granted full professorship at age 24).  Terry Tao  received the  Fields Medal  in 2006  (see PAP) and was electedFellow of the Royal Society  (2007).

home   |   stats   |   video profile   |   What's New?   |   blog   |   PhD (Princeton, 1996)   |   Wikipedia

 Vitalii Vanovschi Vitalii Vanovschi, software engineer

Vitalii Vanovschi  created  The Number Empire  in 2006.  He is a computer scientist with a strong interest in chemistry.  In 2009, he obtained his Ph.D from the  University of Southern California  and became a  software engineer  at Google.

home   |   LinkedIn   |   The Number Empire   |   Integral Calculator   |   Number Factorizer

 Mike de Villiers Mike de Villiers,   mathematics education

A former high-school teacher  (HDE in 1978, "Best Science Teacher" in 1983, DEd in 1990)  who went on to teach mathematics education.  Former editor of PYTHAGORAS, author of 7 books and over 150 papers.  Vice-chair of the SA Mathematics Olympiad since 1997.

home   |   Sketchpad   |   Documents   |   Constant Width

 Eric W. Weisstein Eric W. Weisstein, encyclopedist   (b. 1969)

Weisstein  holds a BA in Physics from Cornell (1990) and degrees in  Planetary Astronomy  from Caltech  (MS in 1993 and Ph.D. in 1996).  He created  MathWorld,  a major online encyclopedia which was threatened, in 2000, by an infamous lawsuit from CRC, publisher of a book based on it.

  home   |   Eric's Favorite Links   |   Treasure Troves of Science   |   World of Mathematics   |   World of Physics

 Robin Whitty Robin Whitty, theorem collector   (b. 1960)

Whitty received his Ph.D. in 1984 from  London South Bank University,  where he has served as a visiting professor.  Inspired by  MacTutor's  Mathematician of the DayRobin Whitty  started  Theorem of the Day  in 2005, aiming for 366 theorems. 

Ph.D. 1984  |  CV  |  MathSci  |  Theorem of the Day  |  Theorems by Women (calendar)  |  Links  |  Cameos  |  MS

 Ned Wright Edward L. "Ned" Wright, cosmologist

Astronomy Professor at UCLA (Los Angeles).

stats   |   Cosmology Tutorial   |   Cosmology Calculator

Science YouTubers

BrainSTEM meeting of 2012, informally covered in Veritassium  and  Sixty Symbols.

Sharing Science on the Web   |   Giants of Science   |   Solvay Conferences   |   Armorial   |   Taupe Laplace
Nicolas Bourbaki   |   Lucien Refleu   |   Roger Apéry   |   Serge Haroche   |   Other Biographies

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