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Final Answers
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Canon  F-792SGA

A major 4-line scientific calculator, competing with the  TI-36X Pro  or Casio's  fx-115ES Plus.

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Canon calculators are not approved for NCEES exams.  However, the family represented by the F-792SGA can be used on SAT, PSAT/NMQST and AP exams other than Calculus  (for which a graphing calculator is required).

F-792SGA  product page at  Canon/USA.
Canon F-718SGA (264 functions)   |   Canon F-789SGA (605 functions)   |   Canon F-792SGA (648 functions, 2013)

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Canon F-789SGA Scientific Calculator  video review (2013-09-27)

 Canon F-792SGA calculator

Canon F-792SGA

solar power & lithium battery
(CR2032, 4 years)
Dimensions  (with cover) :
width: 80 mm  (86 mm)
length: 168 mm  (170¼ mm)
height: 12 mm  (16 mm)
weight: 89 g  (127 g)

48 + 4  keys
dot-matrix LCD
96 by 31 pixels
4 lines of 16 characters
(5 by 6 or 5 by 7 font)
or 2D layout
15-digit precision
(10 digits shown)
19 variables: x,y,m,a,b,c,d,e,f
and  0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
list price: $20
street price: $15
Printed instructions
Online manual.

(2013-10-30)   Basic keys and modifiers.  Shifted keys (no  multi-taps ).
Most keys have more than one use.

The F-792SGA has three modifier keys in the upper-left corner of the keyboard, labeled "Shift", "Alpha" and "Apps".  Pressing on on these will change the behavior of the next key pressed.  The calculator  doesn't  use the  multi-tap concept  (whereby repeatedly pushing some keys accesses different functions, as in alphanumeric phone keybads or the TI-TX36 Pro calculator).

The ON button is on the upper-right corner of the keypad.  To turn the calculator off before the standard 7-minute timeout, you push the aforementioned "Shift" key followed by the "Cancel" key  (the key labeled "CA" in orange, at the top-right of the standard 20-key arithmetic keypad, formed by the bottom four row of white keys).  The (unshifted) CA key is normally used to cancel the entry of an entire line, as opposed to the nearby DEL key which deletes just the last character entered.

The usual four directional buttons  (used instead of a  D-pad on most scientific calculators)  are found prominently in the top-center of the keyboard, just under the screen.  The most elementary function of the up and down keys is to scroll through results previously obtained.  The left and right arrows are used to navigate through the various input boxes which appear on the screen when the two-dimensional formula editor is used.  In that context, there may be nested expressions which can be entered with the down arrow or exited with the up arrow  (the process is standard nowadays, with all calculators that allow two-dimensional interactive input).  The four directional keys are also used to navigate the menu structure of the F-792SGA.

 Come back later, we're
 still working on this one...

(2013-11-03)   Gripes  &  Kudos
Complaints and congrats about the  F-792SGA  calculator.

If you allow complex values by entering the complex "mode", then some capabilities are blocked for no good reason  (e.g., you can't factorize integers into primes if you're in complex mode).

These lists may grow as this in-depth review of the calculator progresses...

Gripes :

  • Complex numbers only allowed in a secluded "mode" for experimentation, not use.

Kudos :

  • The GCD function is implemented  (for integers only).
  • Automatic opening parenthesis with regular functions.
  • The price is right.

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