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Isn't that a great name? Well, at least it's ours...
Help us protect this trademark, by using it only in a context connected to us.

The domain name "numericana.com" was secured on March 19, 2000 (we acquired "numericana.net" and "numericana.org" shortly thereafter). Before we started using it, our beloved name seems to have appeared only in one page on the Internet (as a spelling mistake, which was subsequently corrected, in a reference to the Acta Numerica publication).  More recently (besides what's mentioned below) we found several occurrences of a single Italian news report (about the 0-1 Croatia vs. Mexico game in the 2002 World Cup) talking about "inferiorità numericana", which may or may not be the proper Italian term for "numerical inferiority".

For slightly more than 10 years, the numericana.com URL was forwarded to the http://home.att.net/~numericana location, where the hosting was provided free of charge as part of the author's personal ISP service (with very few strings attached), courtesy of the generous policy of the good folks at AT&T Worldnet Service.  Unfortunately, this was discontinued on March 31, 2010  and more than 1000 links are now broken which are still referring to Numericana via the aforementioned AT&T address.

Broken Link ?

If you're a webmaster reading this to repair broken links on your site, simply replace "home.att.net/~numericana" (or "home.att.net/%7Enumericana") by "www.numericana.com" in your source code and you'll be fine...


The 'Numericana' name.

Our trademark claim:

We would object to any use of the "numericana" word/trademark in any context directly related to the precise numerical aspects of mathematics, science or technology, unless it comes with due acknowledgment of its origin. (Such acknowlegment may take the form of an hyperlink back to any page of our Numericana web site.)

We would also very strongly object to [and seek legal remedy against] any attempt at quoting "numericana" in the pseudo-scientific context of occult numerology, whose dubious [superstitious] nature, could easily reflect adversely on our own efforts at promoting an untainted scientific approach to precise numerical facts and factoids, or related issues.  The only type of numerology we deal with is a legitimate branch of Number Theory, concerned with the discovery of numbers (mostly integers) with specific properties.

Other uses of the word 'Numericana':

Recently, the word 'numericana' has been mentioned in a musical context, as the title of one of the pieces in Ursula Rucker's debut album Supa Sista (see below). We find it amusing that "our" new word would also come up in such a poetic context. Of course, we do not feel that we have any business objecting to that.

Originally, we meant Numericana to be a contraction of either Numerical Americana or Numerical Arcana.  The former etymology probably occurred to whoever coined the locution "pax numericana" in a Czech press release about the movie NAQOYQATSI ("pax americana" is itself a reference to "pax romana", the kind of "peace" once maintained within the Roman Empire, after feuding nations had been conquered and submitted).

We've not been involved with the use of "numericana" in the following contexts:

Internet filename ("Numerical Analysis") first observed in March 2003 (Japan).

Movies :
The locution "pax numericana" is quoted in Czech reports about NAQOYQATSI (USA 2002, 90 min. feature film), the third movie in the "QATSI" series from director Godfrey Reggio (Santa Fe, NM):  March 2003, April 2003 ...

Music :
(Society) Numericana jazz mix / Ursula Rucker / !K7-NYC / Supa Sista

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