Escutcheons of Science
Carolus Linnaeus

Carl von Linné (1707-1778)
Carolus Linnæus, Charles de Linné

[ The above copyrighted image is reproduced here by permission.  © 2004 Jochen Wilke. ]

Per pall Gules Vert and Sable, a pall between three coronets Argent
in pall inverted.  On an oval Azure overall, an egg inverted Proper.

Motto :   Famam Extendere Factis.

 Jochen Wilke The above rendition of Linné's coat-of-arms is due to  Jochen Wilke  who presented us with a [better and larger] digital version on 2004-06-02.  He recognized the flower in the crest as a  Linnéa  (twinflower).  Wilke's beautiful drawing obscures the fact that the white oval in the center is meant to be an inverted egg (pointed end down) as is clear from an older drawing.  A more recent rendition shows this egg upright, which we think is wrong...

On 2006-03-27, Jochen Wilke sent in the picture reproduced below, showing the arms of Linnaeus on a plate that he found in Norway  (possibly manufactured in 1997, on the occasion of the 290-th anniversary of Linné's birth).  The modern artist did not to display the proper asymmetry of a natural egg  (the  symmetrical  mathematical version of which is known as a prolate spheroid).

 Arms of Linnaeus on a Jubilee plate      Carl von Linne  Signature of 
 Carl v. Linne
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