Escutcheons of Science
 Johannes Kepler

Coat-of-arms of the astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)
best known for his three laws of planetary motion

The above depiction of the coat-of-arms of Kepler is due to Jochen Wilke.
[ © 2004 Jochen Wilke.  This copyrighted image is reproduced here by permission. ]

Per fess Or and Azure, a demi angel winged Or and garbed Gules in chief. 
Crest:  On the helm, a pointed hat Or lined Azure, topped with a wreath Or, Azure and
Gules supporting a tuft of heron feathers Sable spotted Or.   Mantling:  Gules and Or.

Notes :

The above blazon and Jochen Wilke's depiction are based on the following description we found [2004-07-31] on page 30 of "Kepler" by Max Caspar (Dover Publications, 1993 reprint, ISBN 0-486-67605-6).

The shield of the coat of arms is divided into a yellow upper and a blue
lower field.  In the upper field can be found the half figure of a red-robed
angel with golden wings, who places his hand on the division line. 
On the helmet, with red-yellow cover stands a blue-bordered yellow peaked
cap, which is adorned on top by a yellow-blue-red padded roll, and from
which issues a black heron's feather tuft on which is scattered golden tinsel.

Johannes Kepler

The original German text may have included proper heraldic terms which were lost in the 1959 translation by C. Doris Hellman of this major biography of Kepler completed (in German) by Max Caspar (1880-1956) in 1948.  The surrounding text states that Johannes Kepler was actually "in the habit of sealing" with this coat-of-arms granted to his ancestor Friedrich Kepler (knighted by Emperor Sigismund on the Tiber Bridge in Rome at Whitsuntide, May 31, 1433).  The coat-of-arms was confirmed to Johannes Kepler's grandfather Sebald Kepler [and his brothers] by the emperor in 1564.      Johannes Kepler  Tycho Brahe
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