Escutcheons of Science
 Coat-of-arms of Sir James Dewar

Sir James Dewar, FRS (1842-1923)

Stephen JF Plowman has emblazoned the above as part of his work on Scottish Dewar arms
[ © 2008 Stephen Plowman.  This copyrighted image is reproduced here by permission. ]

Gules, the crosier of St Fillan between a water bouget in the dexter and a
vacuum vessel in the sinister Argent.  On a chief of the last, three cinquefoils of the first.


James Dewar is a Scottish chemist and physicist who is best remembered for the  Dewar flask, the insulating container which he invented to store and transport liquefied gases at very low temperatures.  In 1891, Dewar devised an industrial process to produce large quantities of liquid oxygen.  In 1889, jointly with Sir Frederick Abel (1827-1902) James Dewar invented  cordite,  (a smokeless alternative to  blackpowder).
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