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A substantial number of our visitors reach Numericana via the Google search engine (www.google.com). Some of them (very few, in fact) access the cached version of the Numericana pages (which is the copy of the page made by Google when it indexed the page, usually several weeks earlier). When that happens, the presence on the cached page of a standard "AT&T Worldnet" counter (like the ones to the left) causes a fairly nice side-effect: A new counter register is created with a tag containing not only the URL of the page but the user's query as well (as it appears at the end of the URL string). Before deleting those "spurious" counters, we decided to record the queries involved. We also tried the same queries ourselves (sometimes weeks after the original event) to see how Google ranked the page involved for that particular query. The results appear below. As a multi-word query is usually very indicative of what information the user was after, we also rated the relevance to the user of the information given in our page in the vicinity of the keywords. A four-star rating .... is best: it indicates a page giving precisely what the user was after, whereas no stars are shown when the page seems irrelevant to the query). The results are listed in chronological order (earliest first). Some of the Google ranks do indicate that we're clearly lucky enough to have visitors who do not limit their investigations to the "top 10" pages of Google !

Page accessedQueryRankRelevance
answer/geometry.htm#hypersphere "n dimensional sphere" volume equation21 ....
answer/units.htm#day sidereal rate definition160 ....
answer/geometry.htm ellipsoid refraction eccentricity9 ..
answer/physics.htm#caesar caesar breath molecule air15 ....
answer/numbers.htm#divisors counting divisors34 ....
answer/geometry.htm#oblate oblate ellipsoid segment area7 ...
answer/ oblate ellipsoid segment area8 ...
Above entries dated before March 10, 2001
answer/culture.htm#polygons undecagon dodecagon9 ....
Above entries dated before March 22, 2001
answer/geometry.htm#hexahedra symmetrical hexahedra3 ....
Above entries dated before April 4, 2001
We are experimenting with other counters (like the upgraded version of Netscape's Hitometer). If there's only one visit to a specific page between two of our report requests, we may pinpoint fairly precisely who asked what, how and when. (As traffic to our site increases, such events are becoming increasingly rare.) In a few cases, we found we had noteworthy and/or international visitors. We are taking this opportunity to link back to them:
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Referrer (or Engine: Query)
2001-02-05 1am
800 x 600 (32 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows NT) MSIE 5.x
(Referrer meaningless for frame.)
geometry 2001-03-23 10am
1280 x 1024 (24 bit) JavaScript 1.3 (Solaris/SunOS) Netscape 4.x
Google: circumcenter tetrahedra
geometry 2001-03-24 2pm
800 x 600 (16 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows 98) MSIE 5.x
Google: convex deltahedra
geometry 2001-03-24 4pm 800 x 600 () JavaScript (Windows 98)
Google: chiral geometry
geometry 2001-03-24 4pm 800 x 600 () JavaScript (Windows 98)
Google: net for pentagonal pyramid
2001-03-25 11am
Google: "pound of pennies" 10
index 2001-03-26 1am 1024 x 768 (32 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows 98) MSIE 5.x
AltaVista: "Volume of a hypersphere"
2001-03-26 1am 1024 x 768 (32 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows 98) MSIE 5.x
AltaVista: "Volume of a hypersphere"
algebra 2001-03-26 6am 800 x 600 (16 bit) JavaScript 1.3 (Windows NT) Netscape 4.x
Yahoo: proofs of negative number multiplied by positive number
geometry 2001-03-27 10pm
Google: geometry revolution volume 36
2001-03-28 12am
800 x 600 (16 bit) JavaScript 1.3 (Windows 95) Netscape 4.x
Yahoo!: Parabola Focal Point
2001-03-28 8am 800 x 600 (16 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows 98) MSIE 5.x
Google: "divisibility test"
2001-03-28 10am
1280 x 768 (24 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows NT) MSIE 5.x
AltaVista: "surface area of an ellipsoid"
2001-03-29 8am
1280 x 768 (24 bit) JavaScript 1.3 (Linux) Netscape 4.x
Yahoo!: geometry formula surface area ellipsoid
5 (/789)
2001-03-30 6am
1280 x 768 (32 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows 95) MSIE 5.x
Yahoo!: extract square root
2001-03-30 1pm
800 x 600 (16 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows 98) MSIE 5.x
Google: bijection set theory
4 (/8800)

2001-04-03 5am 800 x 600 (8 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows 95) MSIE 5.x
Yahoo!: slug units mass
9 (/1990)
2001-04-04 8am 1400 x 1050 (32 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows NT) MSIE 6.x
Google: "geodetic latitude" 0.1 sec
20 (/98)
numbers 2001-04-06 12pm
1600 x 1200 (8 bit) JavaScript 1.3 (Linux) Netscape 4.x
Google: ??
2001-04-07 10am
1024 x 768 (32 bit) JavaScript 1.3 (Macintosh) Netscape 4.x
Yahoo!: picometer conversion factor
3 (/41)
2001-04-09 4am
1024 x 768 (32 bit) JavaScript 1.3 (Macintosh) Netscape 4.x
Google: resonant frequencies box
1 (/9460)
functions 2001-04-14 1am
1152 x 864 (16 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows NT) MSIE 5.x
Google: atan computation
14 (/3490)
functions 2001-05-04 9am
800 x 600 (16 bit) JavaScript 1.2 (Windows NT) MSIE 5.x
Yahoo!: properties of trigonometry functions
2 (/5540)

In the year 2000, during the early construction of numericana.com, we monitored only our home page (there was little else for most of the year) and recorded unsollicited (but welcome) visitors from a surprising variety of domains, including:
tamu.edu, attnet.or.jp, hughes.com, wcu.edu, dra.hmg.gb, sunysb.edu, senat.fr, ...
Among our more recent visitors, we noted the following origins: purdue.edu, ibm.net, att.net, exxon.com, unisys.com, princeton.edu, home.com, ford.com, cornell.edu, sju.edu, mindspring.com, mweb.co.za, foothill.net, qut.edu.au, planet.net.uk, rr.com, alltel.net, ifm.uib.no, tntech.edu, vt.edu, pacbell.net, ednet.ns.ca, state.ky.us, oakland.edu, kent.edu, otago.ac.nz, bellatlantic.net, wave.shaw.ca, hp.com, umr.edu, rz.uni-frankfurt.de, bestweb.net, ncsu.edu, cboss.com, accucomm.net, pdq.net, ricochet.net, uvm.edu, netvigator.com, dainrauscher.com, berkeley.edu, hawaii.edu, uni-linz.ac.at, ucdavis.edu, uni-trier.de, pacific.net.sg, niu.edu, wr.com.au, nd.edu, maine.edu, res.mcgill.ca, sb.net, blazenet.net, washington.edu, nodak.edu, ns.sympatico.ca, xtra.co.nz, upenn.edu, crans.ens-cachan.fr, srce.hr, grace.edu, ox.ac.uk, www.bbn.com, www.rr.com, wustl.edu, cmu.edu, gte.net, tm.net.my, estec.esa.nl, bu.edu, cccd.edu, boeing.com, nwoca.org, vsc.edu, unibe.ch, cern.ch, mediaone.net, anu.edu.au, quebectel.com, bsat.com, cedarville.edu, providence.edu, ...
Some recent queries include: catalan solids (Yahoo!: 18/275, Google 36/472), 11-sided polygon, (Google:3/46 Yahoo!:3/40), numerical facts (Google 2/135000), measurement, "circumference of an ellipse" (Yahoo!:46/83), "perimeter of ellipse" (Yahoo!: 59/1080), "perimeter of an ellipse" (Google/UK: 37/216), What is the divisibility rule for (Google 32/4900), equilateral curve heptagon circumference (Google: 4/119) Logarithmica table quindecagon (Google: 22/34) triangular dipyramid (Sapo: 41/90) focal point of a parabola (Yahoo!: 8/1070) partial volume of an ellipsoid origin of the word dividend (Google:2/5140) focal chord of a parabola (Google:11/176) Guldin AND volume AND calculate ( AltaVista:5/5) american counting system billion trillion quadrillion (Google:3/223) history shickard (Google:3/27) history of pentagon polygon (Google:15/811) scientific nomenclature history (Google:10/40500) Number Theory arithmetic functions sum of positive divisors (Google:8/1300) nanogram measurements (Yahoo!:7/844) kiloparsec definition (Google/ie:4/109) etymology imperial weights (Google:12/122) enneagon history (Google:5/56) Trigonometry prove (Yahoo!/UK:20/4920) geometry lune (Google:6/1050) geometry deltoid (Google:8/295) properties of trigonometry functions (Yahoo!:2/4940) myriagon (Yahoo!:10/19) tetradecagon (Yahoo!:9/19) what is an 11 sided polygon called (Google:4/4190) "definition of infinity" (Yahoo!:22/147) Cantor set theory (Yahoo!:23/4300) calculus hypersphere (Yahoo!:12/117) "principal value of an integral" (AltaVista:7 & 8) dampened harmonic oscillation (Yahoo!:14/69) number theory table of partitions (Google:8/23400) adam end north pole (Yahoo!:12/4460) measurement talent to pound (Yahoo!:20/1000) bible measurement talent to pound (Yahoo!:12/177) number theory divisibility (Google:42/8460, Yahoo!:25/2430) regular heptagon properties (Yahoo!:25/2430) Euler's topology (Yahoo!:22/1050) ellipse perimeter (Google:99/4140) chord arc radius circle rise (Google:11/561) parabola perimeter formula (Google:36/895) surface area of a unit hypersphere in d dimensions (Google:4/150) spherical geometry intersection of circles (Google:80/2680) 1662 calculator (Yahoo!:20/590) area of an ellipsoid (Yahoo!:42/4980) ellipsoid surface area (Google:28/7460) hypersphere "any dimension" volume (Google:9/29) Wilhelm Shickard (Yahoo!:6/11) +"zinc penny" (Yahoo!:52/90) undecagon (Yahoo!:9/60) pentakaidecagon (Google:20/21) "zero factorial" (Yahoo!:5/43) zero factorial (Google:10/14400) "zero factorial" gamma definition (Yahoo!:2/2) naming polygons of sides (Yahoo!:4/947) driveshaft formula physics (Google:7/85) "1982 penny" (Yahoo!:38/88) "how many seconds in a day" (AltaVista:2/2) Henry Briggs logarithms (Yahoo!:15/177) mililiter conversion (Yahoo!:18/30, misspelled!) mililiter conversion (Google:2/6, misspelled!) units rotation g rpm conversion -hp (Google:2/1250) measurements+picogram (Google:7/683) calculate surface area of ellipsoid (Yahoo!:13/1000) calculate partial surface area of ellipsoid (Google:5/522) parabola oblate ellipsoid (Google:5/63) formula geometry chord arc radius (Google:5/63) 1783 28 496 (Google:51/16200) chebychev economization (Yahoo!:5/16) icosikaihexagon (Yahoo!:2/2) "Euler's line" (Yahoo!:14/39) "volume of hypersphere" (Yahoo!:16/501) tetrahedron geometry distance (Google:61/3320) tetrahedron geometry distance (Google:40/120) +briggs +napier +log (Yahoo!:7/185) name of 11 sided polygon (Yahoo!:5/1360) Euler Froebenius (AltaVista:8/12) Calorie definiton (Google:1/27) "pennies in a lb" (Google:10/17) zillion exponent (Google:8/87) How fast does the Earth spin on its axis in mph (Yahoo!:7/434) number theory partitions (Google:31/34700) What is the definiton of Astronomical Unit (Google:1/22, Yahoo!:1/16) Briggs and Napier (Yahoo!:35/868) Nicolas Chuquet (Yahoo!:29/68) set theory cardinality (Google:25/12300) fl.+ounces+equivalences (Yahoo!:20/39) hypersphere n sphere surface area (Yahoo!:8/126) surface area ellipsoid (Yahoo!:16/2910) how do you figure out the surface area of a triangular prism (Yahoo!:24/836) Imperial vs. American measurements (Yahoo!:14/1000) definiton of a parsec (Yahoo!:1/2, misspelled) weighs and measurements (Yahoo!:??, semi-misspelled) formula perimeter of an ellipse (Yahoo!:7/539) history of mathematics+Gauss+construction of a regular 17-gon (AltaVista:30/31) how to constuct an arc (Google:7/77, misspelled) mililiter to drops conversion (Google:2/5, misspelled) Cartesian Oval -office -lens -baseball (Google:51/629) "natural logarithm" history (Google:40/4230) vinculum numerator (Google:4/53) volume of a hypersphere cartesian coordinates (Yahoo!:13/50) formula volume hypersphere gamma (Google:2/65) "history" "gamma function" (Google:11/1570) area + "Prolate ellipsoid" (Google:5/135) area + "Prolate ellipsoid" (Google:3/5) early us coins specifications half dollars (Google:16/673) U2 Bridge Crossing Problem (Google:22/645) hectagon and pentagon (Yahoo!:2/2) polygon/ hectagon (Yahoo!:2/3) Icosagon (Yahoo!:11/13, Google:18/30) riemann trigonometry (Google:8/2340) Gibbs Phenomenon 9% (Yahoo!:7/2430) hexagon octagon dodecagon angle edges vertices (Google:2/53) trajectory draw arc (Google:7/3060) Definition of Gibbs phenomenon (Google:7/3060) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire version arabic (Yahoo!:12/229) where did mathematics originate (Google:10/8610) Rectangular wave equation (Yahoo!:40/4930) addend subtrahend divisor (Yahoo!:15/125) architects AND pythagorean theorem (Google:4/211) Euler vertices chi (Yahoo!:13/198) Euler vertices chi sphere torus disc (Yahoo!:1/5) oval geometry (Yahoo!:50/2680) knowing tape measurements (Yahoo!:36/4440) guldin volume solid (Google:8/58) guldin theorem (Yahoo!:3/14) paul guldin volume (Yahoo!:8/102) us mint coin tolerances (Yahoo!:12/51) zeroplex (Yahoo!:2/2) "13 sided polygon" (Google:5/19) approximation ellipse by oval (Google:12/176) focal point parabola (Yahoo!:15/879) markowitz Earth rotation 86400 (Google:1/4) markowitz Earth rotation 86400 (Google:1/3) binomial distribution airline (Google:9/701) list of metric measurements joules (Yahoo!:7/324, Google:9/468) aleph-nought (Yahoo!:15/82) "cantor set" real (Google!:23/1340) bijection between [0,1] and the Real numbers (Google!:20/1800) regular dodecagon golden mean (Google!:20/41) parabola apex (Google!:88/675) formula ellipsoid of revolution surface area (Google!:4/325) approximation for the gamma function (Google!:19/27900) solving the gamma function (Google!:5/23500) trigonometry function sin cos relation (Yahoo!:19/573) shekel equivalence (Yahoo!:12/31) markowitz hall essen ephemeris (Google!:1/4) simon newcomb potomac (Google!:10/186) Barber's theory (Yahoo!:14/1000) "one-to-one correspondence" (Google:80/32700) "surface area" ellipsoid (Google:26/972) 8128 33550336 (Google:33/123) "hexadecimal floating point" (Yahoo!:20/166) indian systems of numeration (Yahoo!:20/474) factorial algebra (Yahoo!:8/2180) heptagon drawing hand figures (Google:7/141) calculate Ellipse volume (Yahoo!:31/1170) how many edges does a square pyramid have? (Yahoo!:??) ellipse's perimeter (Yahoo!:2/19) prove of Archimedes sphere and cylinder (Google:66/227) formulas to find the area of an oval (Yahoo!:26/1000) Lat/Long Conversion to Radians (Yahoo!:22/105) conversion of 3/16th inch to a decimal number (Google:2/4) divisibility rule for 13 (Yahoo!:3/1000) "are there any odd perfect" (Yahoo!:18/26) Best multiplication trick (Google:145/7140) Method of Froebenius (Google:2&3/39) rhombicuboctahedron truncated (Google:114/146) "deltahedra" (Google:66/67) "deltahedra" (Google:23/96) "third side" calculate length isoceles (Google:3/4) finite additivity countable integers (Google:32/138) john napier construction of logarithms (Yahoo!:17/204) john napier construction of logarithms (Yahoo!:30/128) Enneagon (Google:79/150) geometry trapezoid paper cutting (Yahoo!:15/252) Guldin, Paul (Yahoo!:11/322) What are the number of symmetries in an isoceles triangle? (Google:7/13) trigonometry functions (Yahoo!:13/22500) Geometry antiprism (Google:2/161) "curves of constant width" (Google:7/106) "surface area of an ellipsoid" (Google:18/69) weights and measurements in UK (Google:287/16700) cantor aleph nought (Google:12/54) prove sine converges (Google:78/878) find surface area of conical shapes (Yahoo!:21/1000) geometry spiral centers (Yahoo!:7/1270) Combinatorics Probabilities (Google:1/3000) centroid (AT&T WorldNet:1/19) Sumerian measurements (Yahoo!:3/470) syto 9 chemical composition (Google:8/19) "ephemeris second" (Yahoo!:21/64) zetta hepa (Google:2/3) lateral area conical cylinder (Yahoo!:13/568) "Descartes-Euler formula" (Yahoo!:1/3) archimedes spiral theorem rolling (Yahoo!:13/43) hyper volume of a sphere (Google:19/5420) Divisor count and sum of divisors (Google:75/976) Counterfeit Coin (Yahoo!:32/3670) counterfeit coin problem (Yahoo!:18/1690) coin decision tree counterfeit (Yahoo!:2/332) how many rectangles in a n by m chessboard (Google:58/315) risk tolerance utility exponential (Yahoo!:36/1450) ...
We're currently listed with search engines on the following portals:
Google: google.com, google.co.uk, sapo.pt, google.de, google.fr, ... and also: yahoo.com, uk.yahoo.com, ...
AltaVista: altavista.com, av.com, it.altavista.com, ...