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 Andrew Wiles (1953-)
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Sir Andrew J. Wiles,  KBE.  British mathematician   (1953-)
FRS 1989,  Knighted in 2000.  Abel Prize 2016.

Shield :  Argent, two fasces Gules, each charged with three crosses crosslet fitchy Or.
Crest :  On a wreath of the colors, an ostrich feather Gules between two feathers Argent, .
Mantlings :  Gules and Argent.

 Andrew Wiles Wiles worked secretly on a proof of  Fermat's last theorem 
for seven years before offering it for publication in 1993. 
A flaw discovered by Nick Katz required new insights and
the collaboration of Richard Taylor.  By resolving the issue
on  1994-09-19,  Andrew Wiles  achieved worldwide fame!

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