Escutcheons of Science
 Sir George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903)
 (Mantling design courtesy of John Gaylor)

Sir George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903)
Irish-born British Mathematician and Physicist.

Bore the arms granted in 1721 to his great-grandfather, Gabriel Stokes (1682-1768), namely:

Gules, a demi-lion rampant double-queued Argent,  within a bordure Sable entoyre of bezants.
[The escutcheon charged with a Baronet badge of Ulster, after 1889.] 
Crest :   On a wreath of the colors, a forestaff (cross-staff) in pale Proper. 
Motto :   Ire in Adversa  (walking through adversity). 
Mantling :   Gules and Argent. 
Livery :   (Dress) white coat, crimson plush breeches, (undress) blue drab overcoat.

 Sir George G. Stokes 
George Stokes   (1819-1903)
 G.G. Stokes entry in 
 Fox-Davies 'Armorial Families' 
 (1902 edition)
Entry from the 1902 edition of Fox-Davies  "Armorial Families"
(courtesy of Stephen Plowman)

Quick Biography of Sir George G. Stokes :



Sir George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903) was born on August 13, 1819, in Skreen, County Sligo (Ireland) where his father Gabriel was Rector of the Church of Ireland  ("Gabriel" is a popular name in the Stokes lineage).

The grandfather of George Stokes (1819-1903) was John Stokes  (1721-1781)  Regius Professor of Greek at Dublin University, where his younger brother Gabriel (1732-1806) held the chair of mathematics.

The father of John Stokes (great-grandfather of Sir George Stokes) was Gabriel Stokes (1682-1768)  who married Elizabeth King of Rathfarnam (1689-1751) in 1711.  He became  Deputy Surveyor General of Ireland  in 1721.  He was a mathematical instrument maker residing in Essex Street, Dublin  (at the corner of Eustace and Essex).  In 1721, he was granted the arms which his great-grandson would later bear:

Arms granted to Gabriel Stokes in 1721

Rootsweb :

Stokes of Dublin, Dublin County, Ireland. Arms allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 1721, and crest granted, for skill in his profession; to Gabriel Stokes, mathematical instrument maker.  Gules, a demi lion rampant double queued Argent.  Crest:  A forestaff in pale Proper.

Smith'Ordinary of Arms :

The following entry was made in the handwriting of Hawkins, Ulster; Stokes-Gabriel. Mathematical Instrument Maker  -  Gules, a demi lion double queue Argent, a bordure Sable entoyre of bezants, and for skill in his profession the following crest allowed him (viz.) a forestaff in pale Proper.  15 Nov. 1721.  (By Ulster under a special patent).

Fox-Davies Armorial Families (1929) :

STOKES (U.O., 15 Nov. 1721, Ped. H. Coll. and U.O.).  Gules, a demi-lion rampant double queued argent, a bordure sable entoyre of bezants.  Mantling:  Gules and argent.  Crest:  On a wreath of the colours, a forestaff in pale proper.  Motto:  Ire in AdversaLivery:  (Dress) white coat, crimson plush breeches, (undress) blue, drab overcoat.

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