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 Axel Fredrik Cronstedt

Baron Axel Fredrik Cronstedt   (1722-1765)
Swedish chemist, discoverer of nickel (1751)

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[ Sources:   Svens Adelsheraldik  by Jan Raneke   |   Swedish Riddarhuset ]

Per fess.  [1] Azure, a crown Argent.  [2] Argent, an ouroboros Azure.

Baron Axel Fredrik  Cronstedt  (1722-1765)  is best remembered for his discovery of nickel in 1751.  Obverse of 1951 Canadian Nickel  Reverse of 1951 Canadian Nickel

About 30% of the current World's supply of nickel comes from the region of the Sudbury Basin in Ontario, Canada.  In 1951, Canada was supplying close to 90% of the World's nickel and commemorated the  200th  anniversary of the discovery of nickel by issuing a 5-cent coin  (Canadian nickel)  designed by  Stephan Trenka.  The obverse sports an effigy of the British monarch  (George VI, 1895-1952)  and the reverse features a nickel refinery with a smokestack in the middle  (with the words "Nickel 1751-1951" dexter).  The coin is known in the trade as the  Subdury Nickel.  A monumental 30-foot replica of it, known as the Big Nickel, was first erected in 1954 in the City of Sudbury by a local businessman  (Ted Szilva)  who commissioned a local artist  (Bruno Cavallo)  for this.  The coin is pure nickel, but the monument is made of stainless steel sheathing...

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