Count Taaffe

 Count Taaffe 

Count Richard Taaffe  (1898-1967)
Irish gemologist,  discoverer of taaffeite (1945)

Gules, a cross Argent fretty Azure.
Motto :  In hoc signo, spes mea.

Thanks to Frank Martinoff for drawing our attention to Taaffe.
Thanks to Bernhard Peter for documenting the arms.

Count Edward Charles Richard Taaffe of Dublin (1898-1967)  was the only son of Henry/Heinrich, 12th Viscount Taaffe, but he never  officially  became the 13th Viscount Taaffe, as his father's Irish peerage was forfeited on March 28, 1919  (under the terms of the Titles Deprivation Act of 1917, for having borne arms against Britain, on the Austrian side, during World War I).  Richard was the first of his family to be allowed to return to Ireland.  Nevertheless, he always went by the name of  Count Taaffe,  as he could also claim the title of  Count of the Holy Roman Empire.
   Faceted taaffeite gemstone.

He discovered taaffeite (magnesiotaaffeite) as a  cut stone  in 1945.  Taaffe allowed that discovery to be published by B.W. Anderson.

Genealogy :

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