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 Jesco von Puttkamer

Dr. (h.c.)  Jesco  Freiherr  von Puttkamer  (1933-2012)
German-American rocket engineer

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Azure, a marine griffin Gules tailed Argent, armed and crowned Or.
D'azur, à un griffon mariné coupé de gueules sur argent, couronné d'or.
Casque couronné
.   [Rietstap]

 Jesco von Puttkamer (1933-2012)

Jesco v. Puttkamer  was born in Leipzig (Germany) on September 22, 1933.  He passed away on December 27, 2012  (79 years old).

He belongs to an ancient extended noble family whose recorded ancestry can be traced back to 1257-1260  (a Puttkamer family tradition is to name every male firstborn  Jesco ).  His family lived in Switzerland during WWII.  He studied mechanical engineering in Konstanz and graduated from the Technical University of Aachen with a Master's degree.

Von Puttkamer  emmigrated to the United States in 1961 to join Wernher von Braun's rocket development team in Huntsville, Alabama.  He was granted US citizenship in 1967.  He moved to NASA Headquarters in 1974 and has served as  Program Manager of Space Industrialization and Integrated Long-Range Planning Studies.

 Star Trek Bridge For more than a decade, up until the time of his death, Jesco edited the daily ISS On-Orbit Status Reports  (International Space Station).

Von Puttkamer was also a science-fiction author and served as a consultant for the first  Star Trek movie  (1979)...  A program he wrote on his own TRS-80 was used in the film to generate some of the  bridge  video displays.  In the 1980's, he attended several  Star-Trek conventions,  as a NASA representative of sorts.

Jesco von Puttkamer  received an  honorary doctorate  from the  Saarland University  in 1995.
He was named  Distinguished German-American of the Year  in 2008.

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